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Barbados Fertility Centre

Barbados Fertility Centre

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Last Update: 04/18/2016


Barbados Fertility Centre (BFC) is based at Seaston House, Christ Church, Barbados and was founded in 2002 to offer an international resource for infertility patients. BFC is located in an old Barbadian plantation that has been completely refurbished to incorporate all aspects of cutting-edge facilities.

BFC has held the gold seal of approval from Joint Commission International (JCI) since 2007 and is now listed in their elite group of clinics.

Here you will find the latest assisted reproductive technologies in order to increase a couple’s success rate when it comes to achieving a pregnancy.

Available services

Transparency Policy Transparency Policy
Egg & Sperm Donation Egg & Sperm Donation
24 Hour Emergency Care 24 Hour Emergency Care
In-house Laboratory In-house Laboratory

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Why choose BFC?

They pride themselves on offering individualized care to each patient, leaving no stone unturned to find the underlying cause infertility and working towards a solution that will give them the best chance of success.

BFC offers the perfect combination between cutting edge medical techniques combined with holistic therapies to ensure each patient is at their optimum to undergo fertility treatment: excellent IVF success rates, low prices, and stress-free treatment, all in a Tropical paradise. Thanks to their individualized approach in a relaxing environment, their success rates are above the UK and USA average.

They also have an on site spa: The Life Wellness Center. This combination provides success rates of 80% on women under 35.

Treatments and available services

Barbados Fertility Centre's top specialities include:

  • Excellent in-house donor egg programme, with locally sourced Afro Caribbean donors reducing cost and helping recipient couples from this ethnic group where they would normally struggle.
  • BFC also specialises in immunology—offering couples a solution to recurrent miscarriage and numerous IVF failures.
  • They see great success using vitrification—the fast freezing of both embryo’s and eggs, which they introduced back in 2007.

BFC offers IVF, ICSI, or PGD, as well as a comprehensive Egg Donor Program, here you will find a wide range of treatments to help you make your dream of becoming parents come true.

BFC was the first full-time Fertility Unit in the Caribbean, with thousands of babies born worldwide from IVF/ICSI.

Medical team

Dr. Juliet Skinner
Consultant Gynecologist
Dr. Roberta Corona
Consultant IVF Physician
Anna Hosford
Clinic Director
Katerina Arvaniti
Laboratory Director
Rachel De Gale
Operations Manager
Natalia Makchzoumi
Clinical Embryologist
Dionne Holmes
IVF Case Coordinator
Aliya Edwards
IVF Case Coordinator
Deeantie Dharamsingh
Senior IVF Nurse Coordinator
Lyn-Marie Hunte-Belgrave
Medical Assistant
Cyrilene Austrie
Head Receptionist
Rhonda Greaves
Finance Administrator
Danielle Wilson
Patient Liaison Coordinator
Saneisha Forde
Theatre Nurse
Latisha Gittens
Medical Assistant
Jaime Bristol
Data Analyst
Ralph Hosford
Marketing Director
Last Update: 04/18/2016