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Client Support Service

Client Support Service

Last Update: 09/12/2018

The Section Promotions & Discounts contains a series of promotions that allow you to download a PDF file to get a discounted price for a particular fertility treatment.

Payment policies

Downloading a voucher, promotion or discount, as well as requesting a personalized report using the tool “Cost Calculator” is totally free. Our goal is to help patients. For this reason, we have reached agreements with fertility clinics so that they offer special prices and promotions for the readers of inviTRA.

When you finish the downloading process, you will get a PDF file that you can redeem at the fertility clinics. If you finally decide to start the treatment, the clinic will charge the corresponding fees based on their particular payment policies. This means that inviTRA is not involved in the payment process.

Exchanges or refunds

In case you wish to undergo another treatment, we recommend that you visit our promotions and discounts section for free. There you can download a new voucher for a different treatment cycle without additional costs.

If you need another personalized report, please visit our Cost Calculator and fill out the form you will find there anew.

If you wish to change the particular treatment that you have already started at a fertility clinic and have obtained a discounted price thanks to a voucher downloaded at inviTRA, you must follow the cancellation conditions established by the clinics, which are duly specified in the PDF file you downloaded.

Special cases

If yours is a special case or there is a conflict with anything related to the services we offer, please feel free to get in touch with us through any of the ways you can find in our Contact Page.