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What is a cystocele?

What is a cystocele?

Cystocele, also known as anterior uterine prolapse, is the term used for situations in which there is a weakening of the supportive tissue that separates the bladder and vagina. This leads to the bladder falling into the vagina, which is why it is also called a prolapsed bladder.

There are three degrees of cystocele according to their severity:

Grade 1
is the mildest form of cystocele.
Grade 2
also known as severe cystocele. This type of prolapse is characterized by the bladder meeting the opening of the vagina.
Grade 3
is the advanced cystocele and the bladder protrudes through the vaginal opening.
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Childbirth, obesity, constipation or lifting heavy objects can be a reason for cystocele. However, the best treatment will depend on the degree of severity of the cystocele.