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Last Update: 01/15/2013

inviTRA is the first assisted reproduction fair in Spain. With it, we intend to respond to those people who have some kind of difficulty in having a baby.

The best Spanish fertility clinics, as well as international surrogacy agencies, firms active in the umbilical cord preservation, financial and insurance institutions specialised in health, etc. will solve all your doubts, to make the dream of having a baby come true in the easiest way possible.

Trade fair areas:

  • National fertility clinics: geared towards heterosexual couples with fertility problems, female homosexual couples and single women.
  • International surrogacy agencies: focused on heterosexual couples unable to reach a pregnancy, male homosexual couples and single men.
  • Umbilical cord preservation: focused on all mothers and fathers interested in taking measures for what's going to happen in their children's future.

Event detail

NameinviTRA, assisted reproduction fair
EditionThird edition
Date8, 9, 10 May 2015
PlaceHotel Barceló Sants, Barcelona
Opening and closing timesFrom 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
ProfileinviTRA, Assisted Reproduction Fair, is the meeting place for companies that offer services connected to human reproduction and fertility.
AreaInternational, with particularly strong presence of visitors from the Iberian Peninsula.