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What is Salpingoscopy?

What is Salpingoscopy?

Salpingoscopy, also known as tuboscopy and falloposcopy, is a gynecological process that allows us to observe the inside of the fallopian tubes. The objective of this gynecological technique is to visually and directly study the mucosa of the fallopian tubes and thus diagnose alterations that are not possible with hysterosalpingography.

Therefore, salpingoscopy is a study to evaluate the tubal factor in women and to offer more information in the study of people with fertility problems.

There are two approaches to salpingoscopy: the abdominal route (laparoscopy) and the intrauterine route (hysteroscopy). In both cases, the endoscopes used for this technique are flexible to minimize discomfort in the woman, since the entrance hole is quite small.