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Isabel Herrera Meriño M.D.

 Isabel  Herrera Meriño M.D.
Fertility specialist
Member number: 030310741

Educational background

  • Participation ECOGRAPHIC DIAGNOSIS OF PATHOLOGY OF THE PELVIC REGION, trans abdominal technique Yaoundé, Cameroon (August 2005)
  • Participation MANAGEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION PROJECTS Andalusian School of Public Health of Granada, Spain (June 1999)
  • Participation CLINICAL MANAGEMENT IN THE HOSPITAL Course given by the Andalusian School of Public Health, Granada, Spain (Feb-May 1999)
  • Resident Physician in the Specialty of Gynecology Hospital Escuela Tegucigalpa, Honduras (1991-1993)
  • Medicine, National Autonomous University of Honduras. Doctoral Thesis "Eye Problems in Children 4-10 years old in Guanaja Islas de la Bahía" in Honduras (1980-1988)

Professional experience

  • Fertility specialist at IVF Spain Alicante (Aug 2013-Present)
  • Approval of the medical degree (MEBEKO) in Switzerland (April 2014)
  • Physician in charge of Residencial Balle Sol. Geriatric Center (Jan 2012- Apr 2013)
  • FREMAP staff doctor (Oct 2011-Nov 2011)
  • Doctor in Casa Verde, Alicante in the brain damage center (May 2011- Jul 2011)
  • Family Physician in different health centers in the province of Alicante (Los Angeles, Lo Morán park, San Blas, Ciudad Jardín, San Vicente, Campo Amor, Callosa de Ensarria) (Jan 2012)
  • Gynecologist at the Ginetec clinic, Alicante (May 2010-Oct 2010)
  • Staff physician at the MVOLYE urban dispensary Detection and control of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS. In pregnant women Training and education of medical and paramedical personnel in the control of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS Yaoundé, Cameroon (Feb 2005-Apr 2006)
  • Observer of the project RECONSTRUCTION OF THE DIOURBEL HOSPITAL, GTZ Senegal (Mar 2003-Aug 2004)
  • Staff physician at Rakhar medical center in Dharamshala district, Federal State of HimachalPradesch, India (Jan 2000-Dec 2000)
  • Initiation of the project "IMPROVING REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH" GTZ (German state cooperation for development), Dominican Republic (Mar 1999-Oct 1999)
  • Project Coordination Assistant, EPOS- HealthConsultants, Bad Homburg, Germany. Participating in various projects. Preparation of technical offers (Jan 1998-Dec 1999)
  • Support in the installation of the consultant's offices in the Ceará Health Secretariat, within the framework of the project „Ações Básicas de Saude do Ceará“, a project financed by KFW, Brazil (Jun 1997)
  • Data collection and evaluation mission within the framework of the project "Reabilitação do Sistema de Saúde Rural na Província de Zambézia", ​​a project financed by FED funds, Mozambique (August 1996)
  • Field research, study of users of the public health system, within the framework of the project "Rehabilitation of the National Children's Hospital, Benjamin Bloom" project funded by the KFW, El Salvador (April 1996)
  • Support in the opening of the project "Saude pela Cidade de Praia", project financed by the EC, Cape Verde Islands (July 1995)
  • Doctor in the Humanitarian Mission for Rwanda. Project financed by CARE of Germany (Aug 1994-Nov 1994)
  • Provision of Medical Services at the VIII International Port Conference of the OAS Honduras (Nov 1993)
  • Guard doctor at Suyapa Emergency Medical Center. Honduras (Mar 1993-Dec 1993)
  • Medical Delegate in the Bay Islands by the Ministry of Public Health, Honduras (1990-1991)
  • Social Medical Service. Mandatory Maternal and Child Center, Guanaja. Bay Islands, Honduras (1989-1990)
  • Rotary Internship. Leonardo Martínez Valenzuela Hospital. San Pedro Sula, Honduras (1988-1989)

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