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Clínica Fertia

Clínica Fertia

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Last Update: 03/15/2016


Fertia is a Spanish fertility clinic located in Fuengirola, Málaga, which was established in 2001 with the sole purpose of helping those individuals and couples experiencing trouble conceiving at both national and international levels.

Today, Fertia welcomes patients from all around the world, being Italia, the United Kington, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden the top countries of origin of international patients.

Besides, Fertia works hand by hand with international clinics and specialists as well.

Their outcomes speak for themselves: while their clinical pregnancy rate reaches 50%, that of IVF using donor eggs is nearly 60%.

Such excellent results are achieved thanks to Fertia's medical team, who are continuously training and updating their expertise to get the best possible results.

Languages spoken

  • Italian
  • Spanish

Healthcare Operating Authorization

Health Center approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health - License number (CNN): 0129007386

Last Update: 03/15/2016