Egg and sperm donation programs across Greece

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Last Update: 04/28/2016

Nearly 50 fertility clinics can be found in different cities across Greece, being Athens, Crete, and Thessaloniki the most common ones.

Keeping in mind that Greek regulations permit egg donation and/or sperm donation, the vast majority of fertility clinics allow for their patients to undergo a fertility treatment using donated gametes without it translating into a considerably increase in the final cost.

Some of the main reasons which make Greece a perfect destination to undergo a fertility treatment while at the same time enjoying your holiday period are:

  • Affordable prices of fertility treatments
  • Lax and open regulations governing assisted reproduction
  • The charms of Greece's coastline
  • Culture and history
  • Convenient connections either by plane or by ferry

The Greek islands: Crete

Crete is one of the largest Greek islands. It is commonly divided into four administrative regions, being West Crete the most attractive one because of the wide number of fertility clinics that can be found there.

This region's most important city is Chania, one of the most colorful towns in the island of Crete and the main center for business and trading in this region. Chania has its own airport that operates both domestic and international flights, something that makes it one of the main destinations for fertility tourists from Europe and Asia.

The Eastern-Central area, that is to say, Heraklion can turn out to be an attractive destination when pursuing a fertility treatment. Here one can find one of the busiest airports in Greece, with both domestic and international flights. Around 6 million tourist travel through Heraklion International Airport annually.

Athens, capital city of Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece. It is a top touristic European city due to its historial charms and archeological remains, as it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.

Here one can find some of the most important fertility clinics. Athens' main airport allows for thousands of patients from all over the world to visit the country in the pursuit of a reproductive solution, fundamentally attracted by its affordable prices as well as its permissive laws on medically assisted reproduction and donor conception.

Nearly 13 million people transit through Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, one of the most modern airports within Europe. Both domestic and international flights are operated here, mainly from European cities, Middle East, Egypt, the United States, etc.

Athens is also visited by a number of tourists who prefer to travel by sea. Multiple medium-sized crafts, as well as large cruise ships from various parts of the world dock in the Port of Piraeus, especially during warm seasons.

Assisted Reproduction in Thessaloniki

Within Thessaloniki, we can find a broad range of fertility centers, being some of them the most important ones or those which work with a greater amount of patients.

The city has its own airport, located just 15 km away from the city, something that makes it easier for patients from all around the world to arrive, especially Australian citizens.

Broadly speaking, there is no need for a Visa to access the Greek country for touristic purposes. It is required, however, in the case of certain nationalities. This is the reason why foreign patients are advised to ask for information on whether they may need a Visa for traveling to Greece or not.

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 Andrea Rodrigo
Andrea Rodrigo
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