Egg and sperm donation programs across Spain

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Last Update: 02/12/2016

Spain is an innovative country in assisted reproductive technology (ART), with nearly 200 fertility clinics throughout its cities, especially Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Mallorca, etc.

Spanish Law regarding Assisted Human Reproduction Techniques (henceforth, LAHRT) is valid throughout the whole Spanish territory. One of the aspects covered by this law is gamete donation (i.e. egg donation and sperm donation), a fertility option that today stands for the reason as to why many foreign patients decide to come to Spain.

Gamete donation programs across Spain are characterized by being both anonymous and altruistic. Both features differentiate Spain from other countries in terms of assisted reproduction, while at the same time allow national and international patients find the right solution to fight against their fertility problems.

Assisted Reproduction in Spain

Below you will find information regarding Spain's most important cities, ranked according to their importance in terms of tourism rates and amount of fertility clinics.


Madrid is the capital of Spain and the largest city at the same time. There you can find more than 30 clinics specializing in assisted reproduction.

Besides, Madrid has many tourist attractions and leisure opportunities, among which its charming city districts, numerous museums, cinemas, theaters, restaurants... stand out above the rest. You could enjoy all these attractions in case you chose Madrid as your destination for fertility tourism.


Barcelona is Spain's second city in terms of surface area and population. Barcelona is a city in which the coast's most delightful tourist attractions mingle with the wide range of options for leisure, cultural diversity, and restoration this great metropolis has to offer.

Only in Barcelona, we can find almost 40 fertility clinics and assisted reproduction centers. Due to its easy accessibility by both land and sea, this city has become one of the favorite destinations of many foreign patients.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a Spanish community that gathers roughly 30% of Spain's total number of fertility clinics. Both Catalan and Spanish are spoken here.


Majorca is the main island in the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea. It has become a popular destination among European tourists, especially those coming from Germany as well as the UK.

Its main languages are two: Spanish and Majorcan. As for its tourist attractions, this island has several exotic beaches as well as various seaports to offer.

Most outstanding fertility clinics located in the Balearic Islands add up to more than 12, distributed among its different islands, mainly in Palma.


Alicante is a small city located at the south of the Valencian Community. Along with other cities located in this region as well, Alicante has a broad range of fertility clinics, as well as a large amount of villages of great charm, endless beaches, and significant leisure and restoration options.


Valencia is the third biggest city of Spain and one of the most well-known, visited cities mainly because of its pleasant climate and coastline, in addition to the Valencian cuisine and regional festivals.

With regards to assisted reproduction, more than 10 fertility clinics are located in Valencia.


Seville is also included within the set of Spain's most popular capitals and, in addition, it is ranked in fourth place among the country's largest cities. Its friendly residents, lovely weather, the range of cultural and leisure activities, regional festivals, and tapas are some of the city's landmark attractions.

Other cities

Other Spanish cities offering high quality as well as comprehensive assisted reproduction programs, so that international patients can undergo their fertility treatment there are the following: Murcia, Cordoba, Toledo, Marbella, Bilbao...

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