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Egg Donation in Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology

Egg Donation in Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Karen234</span>

    Hello, I am 39 years old and live in Georgia. I have tried 3 times to get pregnant but never succeed. We have had 2 IUIs and 1 IVF, but none resulted in pregnancy. According to what I was told my eggs are of poor quality and I would need donation. I am not happy that my child won´t be biologically mine but it is the only alternative I see. I have been told that the SIRE clinic has a good egg donation program. Does anyone have any info on that?

    10/10/2021 at 12:58 pm
  2. I have had multiple failed IVF, I would get pregnant and miscarry a couple of weeks later. My gyno finally told me that we needed to use donor eggs, mine were genetically unable to reach a healthy pregnancy. At first, I was scared and didn´t want to do it because it would mean having to give up my genetic connection with my baby.
    But I can tell you this, now that I have my precious baby boy in my arms it is all worth it. It was a challenging process but we did it!! Ask for help if you need it and don´t give up ?

    11/02/2021 at 1:21 pm
  3. Hi Karen234,

    From the age of 35 onwards, the quality of the eggs starts to decline, as well as the number of them. That is why we turn to egg donors, who are usually young, healthy women with no pathologies.

    The whole process of infertility treatments has a great effect on emotional stability, and the fact of having to resort to donation also triggers worries and fears. Even though it´s a complicated process there are high success rates with egg donor’s eggs. Therefore, I recommend that you read the following article that explains the process you go thru for egg donation: Egg Donation Process.

    As for the Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology clinic, they specialize in IVF and also have an internal egg donation program. If you want to know more about them and their success rates, check out our clinic review: Servy Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology: Review.

    I hope I have helped.

    Best regards.

    11/17/2021 at 4:30 pm