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Is raised heart rate an early pregnancy symptom?

Is raised heart rate an early pregnancy symptom?

  1. reese

    Hello there. I transferred my 6AB 7 day embryo on March 4th. I currently am 9dpt. During this last week I have been having sore breast with intermittent sharp pains, localized twinges usually right ovary, early back ache ( like period cramps), fatigue, nauseous ( especially in car), and some others that can be also from my progesterone injections. One thing that I am concerned about is my heart rate. I understand a normal resting heart rate can be 60-100 bpm. Starting day 6pt, my heart rate has raised between 100-114 and thats resting rate! My apple watch was giving me these rates and I was skeptical, how can it be this high when i am just waking up? I used my blood pressure cuff at work and it too was 110. I took a home pregnancy test day 5 and I know that was way to early so I have not taken a home pregnancy test considering my fear of the expected.
    My first beta is in 3 days. My first pregnancy one year ago ended due to decrease HCG results, but i remember around day 9-13 post IUI, my HR was also in the 100s. I tested positive day 13. I read HR will increase if pregnant around 6-7 weeks yet I am not there yet. Is it possible I am pregnant? Can this be a sign? Is this too high and should I consult my ER before my beta? Please help.
    Thank you in advance.

    03/13/2022 at 8:57 am
  2. Hello reese,

    Women show different symptoms of pregnancy and at different times of pregnancy, the symptoms you describe can be both pregnancy and medication-related as you explain.

    It is important to do pregnancy tests after a reasonable time after the transfer such as 10 – 15 DPT, this way you can avoid false negatives or false-positive results. If you have obtained a positive result on the 13th day I recommend that you repeat the test a couple of days later.

    As for the heart rate, it is true that it increases during pregnancy, but the doctor can evaluate from a physiological point of view if these values are considered normal or not, taking into account your medical history.

    I hope I have helped you,

    Good luck!

    03/15/2022 at 12:34 pm