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IVF/ICSI at the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine Experience

IVF/ICSI at the Missouri Center for Reproductive Medicine Experience

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Gina</span>


    I’d like to share my story. In April 2019 I went to the gynecologist because it was impossible for me to get pregnant. I was asked to have a hormonal analysis (I have already had one) and a hysterosalpingogram (I was told that I would receive a letter with the appointment). While waiting for my results, the gynecologist already told me that due to my partner’s altered seminogram it would not be possible to perform either artificial insemination or IVF, that the only alternative was to perform a testicular biopsy on my partner and hopefully extract some sperm and perform ICSI or AI using a sperm donor.

    We then had arranged the first appointment at MCRM Fertility to see how it goes. However, I don’t feel comfortable at the thought of choosing the first clinic that we come across. Does anyone know another clinic in the Missouri area so that we can compare?

    Thank you.

    06/30/2019 at 8:00 pm
  2. Hi Gina,

    let me tell you my story at MCRM fertility. I was diagnosed with a low ovarian reserve and we had tried Missouri Fertility before going to MCRM. However, we didn’t manage to become pregnant so we thought it was time to move on to another clinic.

    We are friends to a couple that also had struggles conceiving and they recommended the center to us as they were successful in the second round of IVF. We instantly felt super comfortable and welcomed at the clinic. Dr. Ahlering is an amazing doctor, he never hesitated to answer any question, he was very understanding and patient when things didn’t go as expected. We also liked that they had an on-call nurse 24/7. Well, we had one round of IVF with egg donation which was successful. Now I’m 20 weeks pregnant.

    Hope this helps you a little in your decision-making.

    Wish you all the best. Keep us updated.

    07/15/2019 at 3:41 pm
  3. Hello uptowngirl,

    I’m also in need of an IVF. My biological clock kicked in pretty late so now I’m too old to get pregnant naturally. Can you share your experience with the procedure, please? I’m a little afraid of the whole surgery because I’ve some sort of phobia with doctors and needles and such. Does it hurt much? Or is it performed under anesthesia?

    07/27/2019 at 9:10 am
    • Hi Amanda,

      In vitro fertilization is an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that involves the collection of eggs from the woman’s ovaries by means of follicle puncture. Don’t worry, this surgical procedure is performed under anesthesia so you won’t notice any pain.

      Later on, they are fertilized at the laboratory using the husband’s or partner’s sperms. The development of the resulting embryos is monitored until the embryo or embryos selected are transferred back to the woman’s uterus. I suggest you read the whole procedure in our post: How does in vitro fertilization work?

      If you have not yet decided which assisted reproduction clinic to go to, I recommend that you visit our clinic directory where you can obtain information on numerous fertility centers in your region: clinic directory.

      Hope I could help,

      wish you all the best

      08/01/2019 at 9:21 am