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IVF success rates 4th time

IVF success rates 4th time

  1. sharon


    I am a 47 hear old who has had 3 children to previous partner all C-section and now doing egg donor from a 22 year old which is my daughter. My partner is 33. We have had 3 failed attempts at ivf 2 using my own eggs and 1 fresh transfer from the donor. We have just done another egg transfer, 5 day frozen, when we had it transferred the nurses said the one they picked was really good because it had no shell? I am currently 8 days since the transfer, had no spotting, but just started getting sore breasts yesterday, have had some cramping. Just wondering if the no spotting is not a good sign, and that we might get another negative result back. It has really hit us emotionally and financially and don’t know if I could handle another negative result. Could you please give me your thoughts. thankyou

    06/18/2018 at 2:31 am
  2. Dear sharon Lawrence,

    You haven’t mentioned if this time you’ve used donor eggs or your own eggs. Given your age, I’m afraid the chances for IVF using your own eggs to succeed are low, as egg quality diminishes with age. Also, age may have a negative impact on endometrial receptivity, which can cause your embryos not to implant, and that may be the reason why IVF fails even if you use donor eggs.

    Unfortunately, symptoms are not a reliable indicator of success after ET. Not only they vary from woman to woman, but also from pregnancy to pregnancy. In other words, perhaps the fact that this time around you’re noticing different symptoms is a positive sign, but perhaps it doesn’t mean that embryo implantation has occurred.

    Let’s see what happens this time around. If IVF with donor eggs doesn’t work, I would suggest that you use a gestational surrogate to carry a child for you. If you’re not familiar to this treatment option, you may enjoy visiting the following website: We are Surrogacy.

    I know that going through IVF failure is hard emotionally and financially, and from here I’m sending you lots of support and baby dust 🙂

    Wishing you all the best!

    Looking forward to your results,

    Best regards

    06/18/2018 at 5:07 pm
    • Thank you for replying to my message, I am using egg donor eggs again 5 day frozen transfer. Find out in two days hopefully, do you think it would be to early to do a pee test?

      Thank you

      06/18/2018 at 10:57 pm
    • Hello sharon,

      Was it a blastocyst transfer? If so, you can do a home pregnancy test and get accurate results as of now. But if it wasn’t a blastocyst, it’s still too early. You better wait until you beta-hCG test due date to get an accurate result.

      Recommended for you: When to Do a Pregnancy Test? – How to Use, Results & Accuracy.

      I hope this helps,

      Warm regards

      06/19/2018 at 9:10 am
  3. Just saw your post and couldn’t leave without answering. I’m hoping your cycle worked out. And that you’re now on the prego list =) 2ww is always very tough to survive unless you have some supportive shoulder to lean on. We’ve undergone de ivf with 2 blasts. Were blessed to get prego. Wishing you the same from the bottom of my heart.

    10/12/2018 at 1:04 pm
    • We all are trying to do our best in dreadful 2ww. We look for tips to ”help” our wee beans survive. And unless your doctor has specifically told you to for some medical reason, spending your 2ww on bed rest sounds like a first class ticket to crazy town. I would have gone absolutely mad! My clinic told me to continue life as normal. So that is exactly what I did. Continued with work. Granted I have a desk job. And continued with exercising including yoga. Although carefully due to possibility of twisted ovaries. The only thing I did differently was eat a whole pineapple over the first few days. Also did a daily fertility meditation from youtube. I was lucky enough to get my BFP that validates this approach I think.

      12/12/2018 at 12:53 pm
  4. Hi there. I just wanted to say this is still possible for women 40+ to have healthy kids through IVF with mitochondrial donation to boost the chances..It’s known that mitochondrial disfunction can lead to multiple failed cycles. That’s why taking them from the donor’s can be so beneficial. A mitochondrial donor in this case is not a genetic parent of a future baby!! Donated mitochondria account for less than one per cent of the baby’s DNA. That’s why even if a woman is going through menopausal stage. She is still ‘young’ in medical eyes!!

    12/19/2019 at 1:53 pm