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Georgia Reproductive Specialists

Georgia Reproductive Specialists

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Last Update: 06/30/2016


Created in 2000 by Mark Perloe, MD, Georgia Reproductive Specialists is the third larger IVF clinic in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Available services

Egg & Sperm Donation Egg & Sperm Donation
24 Hour Emergency Care 24 Hour Emergency Care
In-house Laboratory In-house Laboratory


Georgia Reproductive Specialists is located in Atlanta, Georgia, gateway to the American south. Atlanta is the sprawling capital of Georgia, with over five million residents in the metro area.

Provided Care

They specialize in techniques such as in vitro fertilization, egg donation, fertility preservation and LGBT family building in a comfortable and understanding environment.

Available treatments

Patients can seek personalized care and treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss, male and female infertility, and polycystic ovary syndrome, among others.

Why choose this clinic?

GRS has an international reputation for providing the most advanced, effective fertility treatments in a compassionate, patient-centered environment. Their staff is committed to making your entire experience at GRS a positive one.

When Georgia Reproductive Specialists (GRS) proclaims that patients come first, they mean it. The dire need for patient-centered care is what inspired the creation of this reproductive healthcare facility in 2000.

GRS’s winning combination of patient-oriented medical care and use of the latest and most effective laboratory technologies position them as the top choice for reproductive services in Atlanta.

How contact them?

GRS physicians offer Skype and teleconsultations for patients who would like advice on their fertility needs or an introduction to the practice before traveling.

Last Update: 06/30/2016