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Instituto Murciano de Fertilidad (IMFER)

Instituto Murciano de Fertilidad (IMFER)

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Last Update: 01/20/2016


Instituto Murciano de Fertilidad (IMFER for its abbreviation in Spanish) is a fertility clinic located in Murcia, Spain. The aim is to find solutions to fertility or sterility problems that hinder many couples from becoming parents.

Although IMFER was founded in 1998, its manager and founder, Dr Antonio Callizo (gynecologist and obstetrician) has been working in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for several years, starting his career more than 30 years ago.

Given the high success rates obtained with every fertility treatment carried out by IMFER, many health services from Murcia as well as various medical associations and private insurance companies work together with this center.

IMFER's medical team has not stopped growing over the years, always aiming at offering their patients the best services in this field. That is why, today, the medical team of IMFER is made up of over 20 experts in the fields on gynecology, embryology, anesthesiology, urology, nursing, etc., as well as laboratory technicians, coordinators, and administration staff.

Available services

24 Hour Emergency Care 24 Hour Emergency Care

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

International Department

Each year more and more foreign patients visit IMFER to undergo a fertility treatment in Spain. Thus, the center has an international department aimed exclusively at them so that they can be offered high quality medical care.

IMFER counts on a coordinator who will be responsible for monitoring each patient's particular case individually and clear any doubt or concern at any time. International coordinators at IMFER speak several languages—French, English, German, and Italian—and can act as interpreters during medical consultations.

IMFER offers travel plans and accommodation to its international patients. For this reason, they will try to adapt themselves to each patient's availability in order to make the process as easy as possible. Besides, there exist also the possibility of carrying out a long-distance first medical consultation.

International patients can choose between traveling to Murcia to have their first visit or doing it from a distance. The latter option turns out to be a very comfortable option for foreign patients, since it allows them avoid traveling unnecessarily for the first consultation.

In such case, they have to complete and submit via e-mail a form that has been designed to provide the clinic with relevant information regarding female fertility. A series of documents required for the preparation of a medical history must be sent as well.

Once the case is examined by the medical team, the patient will be scheduled for an interview by videoconference with Skype in which any concern or question can be shared.

Geographical location

IMFER is located in southeastern Spain, specifically in the Region of Murcia, characterized by its mild temperatures and many hours of sunlight. This part of Spain offers a wide range of possibilities for tourists year after year, since there they can find various environments and landscapes.

Murcia, the region's capital, is a city that should be seen by foot. It also invites you to visit the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary and the Episcopal Palace, as well as the Salzillo Museum. Of course, one cannot forget its delicious cuisine.

To sum up, Murcia is a city that offers a dynamic, active tourist offer, where beaches, rural areas, cities, cultural offerings, sports, health sector, and folklore make this area of Spain one of the best tourist destinations in this country.

Healthcare Operating Authorization

Health Center approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health - License number (CNN): 1430001931

Last Update: 01/20/2016