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What are Müllerian Ducts?

What are Müllerian Ducts?

The Müllerian ducts are structures derived from the urogenital fold that appears in both sexes during embryonic development.

These tubes in the woman lead to the uterus, fallopian tubes, and the cervix. In contrast, the Müllerian ducts in the male are responsible for forming the testicular appendix and the prostatic utricle.

In the case of women, an alteration in the Müllerian ducts will cause a malformation in the uterus, whether it is a didelphic uterus, a bicornate uterus, dysgenesis, etc. These malformations can occur due to a problem at any step of the embryogenesis, either in the formation of the ducts, in the union of the ducts or in the reabsorption of the septum that separated them.