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Privacy Policy for Deals Section

Privacy Policy for Deals Section

Last Update: 06/20/2018

Your personal data will be processed by DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L., owner of https://www.invitra.com/en/, with the purpose of handling a voucher to be redeemed the first time you visit a fertility clinic. Vouchers expire 2 months after the download date. Your data will be processed in order to create segmentation strategies or creating profiles for identical purposes.

Your data will be processed based on the consent you provide when completing a form to download a voucher. Your personal data will be disclosed to the medical facility in charge of providing the medical service corresponding to the deal you download, as well as in any other circumstances contemplated in prevailing legislation.

The medical provider will notify DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L. about the hire of the clinical services corresponding to the voucher downloaded by the user, as well as about any other services (hire date, services included, and date of termination of service).

Your data may be disclosed to companies based outside the boundaries of the European Union (EU), in which case they may be subject to an international transfer of data, to a country whose data protection policies work differently from those covering the EU.

Users whose details have been registered are entitled, free of charge, to object to, access, rectify, cancel and opposition of his/her data as specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in accordance with legally established procedures. These rights may be exercised by written communication, duly signed, accompanied by a photocopy of the National ID Card, to DCIP CONSULTING SOLUTIONS, S.L., C/ Professor Beltrán Bàguena, 5 Planta 7, Oficina 9, 46009 Valencia, Spain, or by email to info@invitra.com

Data of already registered users, in addition to being processed, may be stored as long as users do not exert their rights to cancellation and opposition, without prejudice to subsequent use for historical or statistical purposes. Also, if you consider that your rights are being or have been violated, you can bring an action or a complaint before the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) (www.agpd.es).