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Last Update: 03/01/2016


Serum IVF Center was established in 1989 and since then their primary objective has been to make the dreams of hundreds of people of having a baby come true.

Serum IVF Center is family-oriented and their policy is simply to deliver excellent services, coupled with a sincere commitment and dedication to highly personalized and compassionate care.

Their IVF center provides fertility diagnosis and advanced treatment options, tailored for every different couple.

Serum IVF's team has diagnosed and treated some of the most difficult fertility cases, including women with multiple implantation failures, miscarriages, serious immunological problems, and other fertility issues.

Why choose Serum IVF?

The visitors arriving from all over the world are constantly increasing because Serum IVF believes in:

  • A holistic review of your medical history and cost-effective investigations to look for factors that may affect your fertility but may have been overlooked.
  • Looking at your previous fertility treatment experiences with fresh eyes to ensure nothing you have learned has been wasted.
  • Offering egg and sperm donation with the very highest standards of donor welfare and ethics and the closest possibly match to your physical characteristics.
  • Having the biggest sperm bank in Greece.
  • Prioritizing sperm issues, uterine problems, and untreated infections which they feel are sometimes neglected.
  • Operating pioneer methods like hysteroscopy with "implantation cuts" that increase vascularization and regeneration of the endometrial tissues improving implantation rates.
  • Offering rapid access to value for money fertility tests and treatment without waiting lists.
  • Individualizing your IVF treatment and protocol.
  • Working with your body and adapting their treatment at every stage according to what your body is telling them.
  • Offering services 7 days a week so they can optimize timing for your body.
  • Supporting fertility treatment with immune therapies where applicable.
Last Update: 03/01/2016