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Degrees of sperm agglutination

Degrees of sperm agglutination

When motile spermatozoa are observed in the seminogram, joined together, up to 4 degrees of sperm agglutination can be differentiated, as can be seen in the image.

  • Grade 1: there are less than 10 sperm per agglutination and many free sperm.
  • Grade 2: each agglutination is made up of 10-50 sperm, but there are free sperm.
  • Grade 3: the agglutinations are made up of more than 50 sperm and there are some free sperm.
  • Grade 4: all the spermatozoa are agglutinated and the agglutinations are interconnected.

Sperm agglutination is a factor to take into account when assessing possible male infertility problems, as it may be suggestive of the presence of anti-sperm antibodies.

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Last Update: 02/15/2022