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Medical tourism in the US

Medical tourism in the US

Many foreign citizens choose the US as their destination to undergo fertility treatments that are not allowed in their own country.

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Last Update: 06/14/2016
    1. Hi there,

      I was about to travel to USA for egg donation but I applied for tourist visa, so I didn’t get the visa because I was a student and I was not working. If I apply for medical visa to USA, then will it hamper my further studies in USA in the future? Will I get visa for donation?? Is it legal?

      • Dear Kriti,

        people wishing to travel to the United States for medical treatment must satisfy the same requirements as those who apply for a tourist visa, e.g. social and economic ties to the home country, but they must also meet a series of additional requirements. For example, people with any contagious disease may not be able to get a medical visa to the USA.

        Every citizen from a foreign country willing to enter the United States for fertility treatment must obtain a valid ESTA Travel Authorization. Such authorization is aimed at those who want to enter the USA temporarily for business, medical assistance, or leisure purposes during a maximum period of 90 days. Once obtained, it is valid for a period of 2 years.

        Visa applicants seeking medical treatment in the USA must present evidence to help determine their eligibility for a visa. Even if the applicant meets presents that evidence, he/she may not be issued a visa if he/she is found to be otherwise ineligible.

        I hope I have been able to help,