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Sperm’s Journey to the Egg – How Sperm Meets Egg with Pictures

Ricardo Navarro Martín

 Ricardo Navarro Martín
MD, MSc, BSc
License: 505010075

Educational background

  • Master's Degree in Human Reproduction. Complutense University of Madrid.
  • European University Diploma of Operative Endoscopy in Gynecology. University of Auvergne, France.
  • Bachelor's Degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Professional experience

  • Gynecologist at the GOBEST Clinic (present).
  • Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University of Zaragoza.
  • Assistant Doctor of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service at the University Hospital Miguel Servet of Zaragoza.

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