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Preparation of Cetrotide

Preparation of Cetrotide

Before the administration of Cetrotide, it is necessary to prepare the medication, since it comes separated by a powder in a vial and the liquid to dilute it in a syringe. Below, we discuss all the steps to reconstruct the drug.

  1. Screw the yellow needle into the pre-filled syringe with the solvent and unscrew it.
  2. Push the needle through the center of the rubber stopper of the vial and slowly squeeze the plunger to inject the water.
  3. Mix the water in the syringe with the powder in the vial to form a clear solution.
  4. Pull the plunger to collect all the solution.
  5. Unscrew the syringe and replace it with the grey one, which is slightly thinner for subcutaneous injection.
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Last Update: 01/31/2020
    1. Should I inject preferably in the morning or evening? Suggestions please.

      • Hi CaliforniaGirl,

        it doesn’t matter at what time of the day you want to inject Cetrotide. Having said that, we recommend you to inject your drug at the exact time each day, that means if you preferably inject Cetrotide in the mornings, you should do so every day in order to not to miss a shot.

        Hope I could help,