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Coastal Fertility Medical Center

Coastal Fertility Medical Center

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Last Update: 03/11/2020


Coastal Fertility Medical Center was established in 1982 as a provider of reproductive care to infertility patients in Orange County. Their mission is to provide the highest quality reproductive services available.

This center has a multidisciplinary team of professionals made up of gynecologists, embryologists and nurses.

Clinic Installations and services

According to the information published on its website, Coastal Fertility Medical Center has approximately 930 m2 distributed in different areas, including:

  • IVF Laboratory.
  • Own surgery room.
  • Recovery room.
  • Room for sperm collection.
  • Reception desk.
  • Consultations with gynecological examination room.

On the other hand, this clinic offers assistance in Spanish, English and Chinese. In addition, another service of Coastal Fertility Medical Center is that financial counselors are responsible for informing patients of all available fees and the services they include.

However, all this information has not been verified by the inviTRA specialists.

Available treatments

Embryo cryopreservation
Fertility preservation
In Vitro Fertilization / ICSI
IUI with Partner's Sperm
IVF with Donor Eggs
Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Sperm freezing

In addition, this clinic offers the possibility of surrogacy, since the country's legislation does provide for this treatment.

If you're still unsure which fertility treatment is right for you and would like to know more about it, we suggest you read on here: Fertility Treatment Overview.

The treatment costs may vary significantly depending on the tests or techniques included or not, such as the seminogram, medication, fertility testing, medical visits, prolonged culture or embryo vitrification.

This Tool helps you to find out the exact costs of the different fertility clinics (what's included and what's not) and provides you with lots of useful tips for your first appointment.

Diagnostic tests

The following diagnostic tests can also be performed at Coastal Fertility Medical Center to find out the cause of infertility and to establish the most appropriate treatment:

  • pelvic ultrasound for the study of the ovaries and uterus.
  • Seminogram.
  • Postcoital test that allows the evaluation of the interaction between sperm and cervical mucus.
  • Sperm antibody test.
  • Endometrial biopsyfor the diagnosis of polyps, adenomyosis, etc.
  • Hysteroscopy.
  • Laparoscopy and microlaparoscopya.


The experience shared by fertility patients at Coastal Fertility Medical Center are mostly positive. On Google Business, the following reviews can be found:

The staff at Coastal Fertility Medical Center is described as caring, respectful and organized. Patients are also full of praise for Dr Werlin who is said to be the one to make that place a special one. According to User D, he ensured constant care and attention and was always all ears for his patients. Elizabeth agrees and says that with Dr Werlin she and her partner were full of confidence for the doctor and were also able to get pregnant. User Lisa basically says the same things about the doctor and was able to get pregnant, too.

However, there are also negative critics such as coming from Cubana. According to the user, they had a bad experience at the clinic. The clinic is said to be disorganized and charges too much. The user complains that they don't get any refunds when cancelling the procedure.


Coastal Fertility Medical Center is located at Sand Canyon Ave N/100 in Irvine, California. Specifically, this clinic is located in Southern California's Orange County.

This center is located approximately 10 minutes by car from Orange County International Airport and 45 minutes from Los Angeles International Airport.

If you wish to drive to the clinic from Southern California, you can take I-405 and exit onto Sand Canyon Ave, continue on Shady Canyon Dr. Proceed .3 mi. and turn right onto Sand Canyon Ave.

For those traveling from points in Southwest California (Newport Beach), you will need to take CA-55.

Last Update: 03/11/2020
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    1. Sunset


      I’m interested in going abroad to a foreign fertility clinic, preferably US. What do you recommend? My tubes are blocked and I’m not sure which treatment fits me best. Would be IUI possible?

      Thank you!

      • Avatar de Romina Packan

        Hi Sunset!

        It is not possible to perform artificial insemination if the fallopian tubes are blocked, as the egg and sperm will not meet. In these cases, the recommended treatment is in vitro fertilization (IVF), so that fertilization takes place in the laboratory and the embryos generated are transferred to the woman’s uterus.

        If you need personalized advice from the clinics in your area of interest that meet our quality criteria, I recommend you access the Fertility Report. This way, you will receive information on costs, services included and treatment options.

        Hope this helps,


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