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What is the Coasting method?

What is the Coasting method?

The Coasting method, also known as gonadotropin interruption, is a prevention strategy for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). It is about suppressing the administration of gonadotropins, although the GnRH analogs are maintained. Through this Coasting strategy, cell apoptosis is induced in small follicles, and OHSS is avoided.

Imagen: Coasting method procedure

The interruption of gonadotropins will be maintained until the patient has estradiol values ​​below 3,500 pg/mL. In addition, the Coasting must not be longer than 3 days. Prolonged Coasting is also not beneficial, as the fertilization and implantation rate could be reduced. Therefore, it is essential to monitor the patient at all times to decide when to stop the method.