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Abdominal trauma 1 day after embryo transfer

Abdominal trauma 1 day after embryo transfer

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">Suzan lord</span>
    Suzan lord

    Hello, my 1st ever embryo transfer was 2 days ago, and yesterday when I got home I hit my tummy on the kitchen counter while preparing dinner… It was just on the area covering my uterus… I’m freaking out, do you think my embryos will fall out? I mean can it cause embryo transfer loss? Thanks for your help. SOS!!!!

    05/24/2016 at 12:02 pm
  2. Dear suzan,

    Do not worry, as being hit on the stomach does not have an influence on the chances of embryo implantation. Keep in mind that a woman’s uterus is prepared to protect the embryo and the baby throughout pregnant. All in all, it is a human structure designed to protect it.

    If you were on your last trimester of pregnancy, for example, then it may have had some consequences should it were a hard hit, as there’s not much space inside your uterus to protect the baby. But for the moment there’s no reason to be concerned.

    You’ve just had your embryo transferred, so it’s time that you continue with your normal lifestyle. Women who get pregnant naturally do not know they are pregnant until they’re a few weeks pregnant, and therefore they do not rest in bed or take special care. The same applies to women who undergo an IVF embryo transfer.

    Should your treatment be unsuccessful, this abdominal trauma wouldn’t be the cause. It would probably be related to embryonic arrest, because you are not on your endometrial receptivity phase, etc., but not due to this trauma. So, you can stay calm from now on.

    Best regards

    05/30/2016 at 3:46 pm
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