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Average price for IVF in New Jersey

Average price for IVF in New Jersey

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">BobbyJ</span>

    Hi everyone/anyone!

    My wife and I have are looking around at prices for IVF treatments in the New Jersey area. I have had a vasectomy in my previous marriage so I don´t it is going to happen in any other way! Cna anyone let me know how much they paid for IVF treatments.

    Also, we aren´t as young as we once were so we may have to use donor eggs. Any know roughly how much IVF with egg donation costs in New Jersey?

    We’d be really grateful if anyone could let us know what they paid and if there are any NJ assisted reproduction centres we should avoid!

    Thanks in advance.

    09/20/2022 at 8:49 pm
  2. Hi BobbyJ

    We are looking to do IVF at University Reproducitve Associates, just had blood draws for the fertility tests and husband has sperm analysis next week. We are waiting back on these results before deciding and getting all the prices sorted. I’ll let you know how much our treatment is going to cost when we get our final quotes.

    We went to the Hasbrouk Heights office and we have been happy so far with how we are being treated.

    Good luck.

    09/21/2022 at 7:08 am
  3. Hi BobbyJ

    If you have had a vasectomy previously then your specialist will be recommending IVF or perhaps a vasectomy reversal. I am sure you have already done a great deal of research, but here is a link for an article on becoming a father after a vasectomy which gives more information about your options.

    With reagrds to in vitro fertilization in New Jersey, there are plenty of assisted reproduction clinics that you can choose from, and in our clinic directory we provide an analysis of many clinics, the treatments they offer and previous success rates.

    IVF with egg donation usually more expensive since you need to compensate the egg donor for their trouble. However, I recommend going for your first consulation amd fertility testing, and then you can make the big decision about how to proceed.

    I hope this answer has helped and wish you the best of luck for your treatment.

    09/22/2022 at 8:58 am