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How did you choose your egg donor?

How did you choose your egg donor?

  1. jane

    This topic is quite serious, but for me it is very important, so I decided to raise this topic. For everyone, donating is very individual, but your experience can be very useful for other people, and for some people it will help to make the only right decision. Share your donor selection experience – how to choose exactly what you need, how not to be mistaken?

    The main thing is that it’s a healthy donor, but I’m very much tormented by the problem of similarity and possible consequences. Namely – my kid will grow up different from parents and ask – why? It is one thing – surrogacy – it can be explained. And how can I explain that I was just carrying a child. I just put myself in the place of the child, no matter how good my mother was, but if I’m non-native, then who is the biological mother? It’s already exhausted me, but I’m not afraid for myself, but for the child. How do you see this problem?

    01/13/2018 at 3:15 pm
  2. Dear jane ty,

    I hope other women are willing to share their story. This is a very interesting topic!

    In the meantime, perhaps the following posts are of interest for you:

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    I hope this helps,


    01/15/2018 at 10:32 am
  3. Hi, hun! I understand your concerns. Firstly, it’s natural to get overwhelmed with all sorts of questions concerning donor choice. We’re using donor egg this very cycle as both previous ones with oe ended with bfn. We’re undergoing treatments overseas, going privately you see. I guess this makes some difference to the process. I’m going to share the issues concerning donor selection/matching at the place. Firstly we were glad to get to know their donor database is huge – more than 600 young healthy donors to choose from. Then we were really surprised with the requirements the clinic has for its donors:
    Age from 18 to 25.
    Perfect physical health.
    Perfect mental health.
    Absence of genetic diseases in the donor and her family!
    At least one child of her own which means proven fertility.
    Actually we chose 2 lovelies waiting for dr’s final decision. Finally we got our donor matched, here’s some of the additional info about her:
    Slender. Has naturally wavy hair. Her eyes green. She’s got master’s degree. High IQ level. (This info is avaliable along with photos.)
    Waiting time frames – 3-4 weeks. I guess that’s all. Good luck!

    05/29/2018 at 3:00 pm