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Considering using donor eggs after several years of infertility

Considering using donor eggs after several years of infertility

  1. Sofiawest

    I am Sofia and I am new here.
    I am considering using donor eggs and I would like to think about it twice. Everything that happens, always happens for some reason.
    The struggle of infertility is something that no one can understand or wants to understand. I would like to change the way in which other people think of me. I want to give a baby to my husband.
    It’s been a great time and I was taking some tests during the last few years. I am trying every possible thing and it is not giving me results.
    Thank you!

    09/20/2017 at 11:31 am
  2. Dear Sofiawest,

    I understand your concern, but let me tell you that having a child is not all about genetics, but also about loving and rearing a person. So, if you are considering donor eggs, you should not have any doubt regarding your decision.

    To learn more, I recommend that you read the following post: Guide to being an egg donor recipient.

    I hope this helps,


    09/20/2017 at 6:08 pm
  3. Hi sofia! I feel sorry to hear about your infertility issue. I know it is a very hard feeling to absorb that you can not have your own baby. The things for women with such issues get worse like the get depressed and all. I have been also facing this infertility issue from many years. I have consulted many gynecologists and had treatment from them. Nowadays, I am having a treatment from a new gynecologist. A friend of mine referred me to visit there. The gynecologist seems pretty experienced and i am going for weekly checkups too. The gynecologist said to me that she will try her best to let me out of this situation and if not after a good try he suggested me to use donor eggs. It is a proper procedure to have a baby if you are having infertility issues. About 20% of the women are facing infertility issues nowadays. If i my issue does not resolve through the treatment I will go for the egg donation procedure. It is a well known procedure. First of all I will take my partner in confidence and then go for it. So I also suggest to you that if you have tried a lot to have a baby in the past years, i also suggest you that you can go for the egg donation procedure. Everyone wants a happy and complete family. Take your partner with you as he is your strength and when you have made a firm decision then you should go for it.

    09/26/2017 at 8:38 am
  4. Hi, I understand your concerns. I’m 39 yrs old with 2 cycles ivf with my ex with low sperm quality behind. My right ovary never responded to the treatment. With my new dh came to the conclusion we’d need more opinions on the point, so did a huge work on self educating on ivf with donor egg which led us overseas. My amh is extremelly low so our new dr and we actually weren’t counting on those 3% chance with oe, so went straight to egg donation. our last shot brought us success. Hoping you’ll ‘you’ve done the right decision. All the very best on your way.

    01/17/2019 at 9:45 am