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My breasts sore, I’m cramping and my period is late, pregnancy signs?

My breasts sore, I’m cramping and my period is late, pregnancy signs?

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">irina bell</span>
    irina bell

    Hi, fellow girls (I take for granted you’re all girls)! Well, as you’ve read in the title, have you ever been in the same situation as I am? If so I’d appreciate some help 🙁

    During the past few months my menstrual cycle has been a complete mess. Let me describe it to you:

    1. June: It started on June, 5th
    2. July: It started on July, 10th… It was delayed just because I was stressed, sometimes it happens to me because of my job, and also the other way round (it comes twice in a single month)
    3. August: It came on August, 10th as well. I think my period is regular again after being irregular during 1 month or 2.

    The truth is my periods have always been quite regular, except where I’m under pressure or something, but I attach very little importance to it, to be honest. But the thing is now it’s September, 24th and it should have started on day 8th, but it’s now 2 weeks and 2 days late and I my breasts sore and I’m having painful cramps nonstop. I usually have that symptoms during menstruation, but now they’re more painful than ever!

    I beg you, my dear sisters, to help me!!!

    I thank you with all my heart.

    09/23/2015 at 10:52 am
  2. Dear Irina,

    Taking into account the symptoms you’ve mentioned plus a delayed period, everything points to a possible pregnancy. If you have engaged into unprotected sexual intercourse, that is the most probable outcome.

    For your own peace of mind, my recommendation, as always, is that you take a pregnancy test in order to confirm or, conversely, rule out whether you are pregnant or not.

    Don’t forget to do it with your first urine and always following the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Best wishes.

    09/24/2015 at 12:35 pm
  3. Hi, Dear,
    I am sorry for what is happening to you. However, I would like to state that chronic stress is, certainly, one of the causes of irregular periods. Some women get periods after 28 days while others do not. However, you need to understand that any menstruation that occurs after 28 days or within plus and minus 7 days is considered to be regular. However, if it occurs before 21 days and lasts for more than 8 days, it should be considered irregular. To help you determine whether your periods are regular or not, all you have to do is to take note of your last day of the periods and the 1st day when you see them again. When you notice that the number of days between starting and stopping is significantly different, it shows that your periods are irregular. The irregular periods are caused by a condition called anovulation which means that ovulation does not take place during the cycle. This could be resulting from hormonal imbalances. Lifestyle and medical condition could also influence menstrual cycle. Other factors such as dieting, exercising, PCOS, stress, Age, illness could also lead to irregular periods.

    10/02/2017 at 12:30 pm
  4. Hey, these symptoms keep on confusing me every month… It’s very annoying, especially when your period is kinda late… I’m tryna forget and not to pay attention because otherwise I’m gonna be mad…

    10/03/2017 at 5:58 pm
  5. Do you guys have a method or something to distinguish clearly PMS symptoms from pregnancy? I mean… do you know perfectly well what are your PMS symptoms? Like a pattern or something…

    10/03/2017 at 6:01 pm