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My personal experience after egg donation

My personal experience after egg donation

  1. jasq

    Hi, I just wanted to write my experience as a one-time egg donor.
    I donated in my early 20’s and now I am in my 30’s. As a youth, I had painful periods and was regular. 36 eggs were retrieved from me which is a high amount. After retrieval I was intensely bloated where I couldn’t bend over and could barely walk to the restroom. I didn’t want to tell anyone about the donation. But I had to because I needed help to get to the fertility treatment for medication to lessen the bloating or swelling. I’m not sure what reaction I was having. From what I know, there is a child though as the parents asked for my blessing through the clinic.
    Fast forward, I started having missed periods a year later. Eventually I didn’t have a period for 7 months at 25 yrs old and had to take progesterone pills to have it. I found out I have PCOS and an ultrasound showed a ring of pears around my ovaries. Later on, another showed one of those pearls becoming 8mm which is a large cyst – painful when they pop.
    I don’t practice safe sex with my husband and have only been pregnant once – which ended early as a miscarriage.

    I’m not telling you to not donate. I’m only telling you that their were signs I had with painful periods and my mother having painful periods as well, that I could of had PCOS or was more inclined to it. The donation definitely pushed my body into PCOS.
    So just be careful and pay attention to your family history. If there’s a question that PCOS runs in your family, don’t do it. It will make things worse for you as you get older.
    PCOS means hair, chin hairs you have to make sure to pluck before anyone sees them, hoping a miracle child develops inside of you, being moody, and carbs are absolute evil (rapid weight gain).

    Take care.

    07/18/2018 at 6:30 pm