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My period is 2 days late, could I be pregnant?

My period is 2 days late, could I be pregnant?

  1. Jayde

    My period was supposed to start yesterday or today. But it hasn’t. I have a white discharge. My stomach has been a little sore. I’ve been having cramps once in a while depending on how I lay or stand. I’ve dealt nauseated a little bit but not thrown up. I’ve been more gassy and having slight backache. I have unprotected intercourse almost 3 weeks ago and two weeks ago. Could I possibly be pregnant?

    02/05/2018 at 6:55 pm
  2. Dear jayde,

    Yes, it is possible that you’re pregnant if you had unprotected intercourse with vaginal penetration and ejaculation. The symptoms you’ve described could be very early pregnancy signs or PMS symptoms (pre-menstrual syndrome). My advice is that you wait at least one week after a missed period to take a pregnancy test.

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    I hope this helps,


    02/06/2018 at 8:45 am