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Seeking Doctor to Try for Twins & Using Surrogacy

Seeking Doctor to Try for Twins & Using Surrogacy

  1. LBeck

    Does anyone know of a Doctor who will both work with a surrogate and try for twins (implant two embryos)?

    We’ve been to a handful of Doctors and it seems they either will work with a surrogate or will try for twins, but not both. (Some will do neither, of course, and we’ve been so those too!)
    We desperately want to start a family, and time is quickly getting away from us. I’ve had major issues with anemia and an auto-immune disease (Hashimoto’s), which affects my thyroid, by making it low-functioning. I’m 38, and I have eggs, but it’s just far safer to have a surrogate carry out child/children. My husband just turned 50, and we need to start asap.

    Twins (paternal) are very important to us, because we want a large family (ideally four children), and four separate pregnancies would take much longer. I completely understand that twin pregnancies are higher risk, but I’ve known many people who have have twins and everything has been fine, especially with the technology that exists now. I also understand that it’s not 100% we would have twins, but a Doctor willing to implant two embryos would greatly increase those odds. (I’m fine with three embryos being implanted, but I’ll take what I can get!)

    We’ve been married ten years and live in northern Georgia. We have a beautiful home and plan to have a nanny to help with childcare while the children are young.

    Ideally, we’re looking for a Doctor from Georgia to Pennsylvania or New York, including West Virginia, as we often travel this way. We have family in the NE. Open to anyplace in the US, though, and have even been looking into Ukraine.

    Thank you to anyone who can offer advice or help in any way! I realize it’s a less-than-common question. I actually thought it was a common question before I started researching it!

    06/29/2019 at 9:52 pm