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Seeking other options after two unsuccessful IVF cycles

Seeking other options after two unsuccessful IVF cycles

  1. Brenda1715

    Hello my name is Brenda, two years ago I was diagnosed with bad ovarian reserve. Me and my husband went to see an specialist after a year of failing at getting myself pregnant. I am a little ashamed of admitting I didnt did much research to keep a tight control on my cycle and almost didnt prepare my body for it. I was quite ignorant at the time as while I did liked the idea of having a family with my husband I never thought about nor really understood all which entailed. It wasn’t until six months of failing that I began to keep a good check on my cycle and the such. After a year me and my husband went to an specialist and we did some test, just like I already mentioned the doctor told me I had a low ovarian reserve.

    The news was really bad for me and my husband. While he tried to keep calm and supportive I couldnt help but though he blamed me, when in truth it was me who was blaming myself. I really blamed me for being unable to give my husband the baby he wanted, I couldnt help but think my body was wrong, that all of this wouldnt be happening if my body was right. During that time my husband was a great support, he really tries his best to keep me calm and help me to not give up. In the ovarian reserve test which I went through revealed that while my chance of getting pregnant through IVF was low, it want impossible. Me and my husband had been through two unsuccessful IVF cycles and me and my husband are thinking about surrogacy or egg donation. While I understand what those procedures include I would like some more personal opinions. Which of the two, based on experience would any of your recommend?

    08/01/2017 at 9:51 pm
  2. Dear Brenda,

    Egg donation is compatible with surrogacy, and vice versa. One turns to a gestational carrier when a pregnancy would put her and the baby-to-be in danger or if a pregnancy cannot be carried to term due malformations or any other alteration in your body. However, if you’ve seen your doctor and none of these complications have been diagnosed, you could bear a pregnancy as any other woman.

    On the other hand, when we talk about ‘egg donation’, it means that you are using the eggs of another woman to have a baby. Low ovarian reserve is one of the most common causes why a woman might have to receive donor eggs. But the fact that one uses donated eggs does not mean you cannot bear a pregnancy through IVF. When donor eggs are used, they are retrieved from the donor and fertilized in the laboratory either with your husband’s or a donor’s sperm. Then, the resulting embryos are transferred to the recipient’s womb, so that they hopefully implant into it.

    My advice is that you talk to your doctor and consider your possibilities of carrying a pregnancy. Only in case you’re unable, surrogacy might be an option. You can complete our questionnaire to get detailed estimates from different fertility clinics around the world. Just follow this link: Cost calculator.

    I hope this helps,

    Best wishes

    08/02/2017 at 9:22 am
  3. Hello, first of all thank you for taking the time to tell me all this and help me understand better the procedures. In my case is as you said I do could have children like normal, is just that the chances are quite low because of the few number of egg the doctor can retrieve. He make me a ovarian reserve test and told me the same. His exact words were and I quote “Is not impossible, but the chances seem quite low. So think it well before thinking about doing a IVF” Well the result of trying regardless is so far 2 failed IVF cycles and after out second failure me and my husband are now taking a break before doing before going into another cycle and we are seeking other options.

    While I really want to be the one to give birth to my own baby I am well aware my chances began to decrease as more and more time seems to pass. Im afraid that maybe while trying IVF with my own eggs and ignoring other paths I may end up running out of time and end up having to rely on surrogacy regardless. My husband has support me a lot in this two years, and he also believes we should consider other treatments which may have a higher chance at success.

    I thank you for the link and I hope it does help me. Thank you for your best wishes.

    08/03/2017 at 7:48 pm
  4. I myself passed DE IVF route.. Firstly, it’s natural to get overwhelmed with all sorts of questions concerning egg donation and donor choice. We’re using donor egg this very cycle as both previous ones with oe ended with bfn. We’ve undergone treatments overseas, privately. I guess this makes some difference to the process. I’m going to share the issues concerning donor selection/matching at the place. Firstly we were glad to get to know their donor database is huge – more than 600. Then we were really surprised with the requirements the clinic has for its donors: Age from 18 to 25. Perfect physical health. Perfect mental health. Absence of genetic diseases in the donor and her family. At least one child of her own which means proven fertility.
    Finally we got our donor matched, she’s slender. Has naturally wavy hair. Her eyes are green. She’s got master’s degree. High IQ level. This info is avaliable along with photos. Waiting time frames – 4 weeks. Hope this helps, stay strong!

    12/09/2019 at 8:56 am