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Egg donation in case of recurrent pregnancy loss

Egg donation in case of recurrent pregnancy loss

  1. martha223

    Hi Doc,

    this is my second IVF and this time around i’ve had another chemical pregnancy and i’m going through a lot. Believe me i’m devastated, and this is the 2nd time i experience this. Well, technically this is my 3rd chemical pregnancy coz i miscarried before getting myself started with IVF.

    i’ve been told about egg donation and I’m curious: could it be the solution to my problem? i’ve run out of frozen embryos and i’d have to start another cycle. Just need some advice to be informed beforehand.

    your help will be greatly appreciated,


    05/12/2016 at 2:09 pm
  2. Dear martha223,

    There can be found several causes that may be behind your recurrent pregnancy losses; therefore, depending on the particular cause, the most adequate fertility treatment will be indicated, but please take into account that donor eggs are now always the solution against infertility.

    If it were to be a case of low ovarian reserve or poor egg quality, miscarriages can be prevented by means of donor-egg IVF. Low ovarian reserve can lead to the production of eggs with some genetic abnormality, and this leads to embryos that are unable to develop and end up stopping their development.

    On the other hand, there exist certain causes that may be causing your repeated implantation failures, regardless of embryo quality. Such causes are, among others: uterine anatomical problems, low endometrial receptivity, thrombophilia(s), or sterility of immunological origin. Bearing all this in mind, my advice is that you undergo a more detailed fertility test in order to locate the origin of your recurrent miscarriages and this way find the right fertility care for you.

    I hope I have been able to help,

    Best regards

    05/18/2016 at 5:38 pm
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