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Sterile after a bad car accident

Sterile after a bad car accident

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">John Tatum</span>
    John Tatum

    Hi, this is John. A few years ago I had a bad car accident where I had a trauma on my testicles. We didn’t care about it too much because it healed quickly and I was young. But now I’ve done a semen analysis and turns out I’m sterile (azoospermia). But is there a cure for azoospermia? Will I be able to have a baby? Please, help.

    02/18/2016 at 3:39 pm
  2. Hello John,

    A bad car accident can severely injure the testicles by damaging the testicular tissue. Subsequently, spermatogenesis (process of sperm production) is altered. This is a case of secretory or non-obstructive azoospermia.

    Another possibility is that the impact had damaged your vas deferens, in which case there is still sperm production, but the sperm cannot be expelled with ejaculation. If this was your case, then it is obstructive azoospermia. On the other hand, there is also the chance that azoospermia was there even before the car crash, although this is highly unlikely.

    in any event, my advice is that you are done a testicular biopsy to check whether there is still some sperm production. If viable spermatozoa are found, they could be used for an IVF cycle with ICSI. Otherwise, I’m so sorry to say that you may need to turn to sperm donation in order to have a child.

    I hope I have been able to help,

    All the best

    03/03/2016 at 6:14 pm
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