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Overcoming secondary infertility

Overcoming secondary infertility

Secondary infertility means that a couple who were able to have a child in the past is now unable to have another child and therefore cannot add to the family. The main cause is advanced maternal age, since the ovarian reserve diminishes as women age.

There is a huge difference between primary infertility, where the woman is struggling with infertility to have her first ever child; and secondary infertility, where the woman is trying to conceive again after having had a child or children in the past.

In spite of this, secondary infertility causes the same set of feelings in couples who suffer from it, including guilt, pessimism, rage, depression, and frustration. Additionally, they have an added drawback—the emotional impact they usually cause on their older children.

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By MD, PhD (gynecologist) and BA, MA (fertility counselor).
Last Update: 10/23/2018
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