10 Tips to Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy

By (embryologist) and (fertility counselor).
Last Update: 11/11/2015

Being pregnant is one of the best things in life. The act of creating a new life in your body is wonderful. Nevertheless, what happens to your body? And what about your partner and your sexual life?

If it is your first pregnancy, it is not uncommon that either you or your partner are concerned about your sex life and wonder if it may cause any damage to the baby. This doubt leads many couples to stop engaging into sexual intercourse, but that is unnecessary.

Provided below is an index with the 3 points we are going to expand on in this article.

Is sex harmful for the fetus?

Having sex is not harmful for the baby, since the fetus is safe and protected inside the uterus.

Moreover, having an orgasm will not affect this situation. On the contrary, it can be quite beneficial for him, since he will receive more oxygen during sexual intercourse due to the increase produced in irrigation.

Furthermore, sex can work as a tool to induce labor. At the final stage of pregnancy and especially if your labor is prolonged, you can as well have intimacy with your partner. Sperm help soften and dilate the cervix, while the stimulation of the nipples can provoke contractions.

Tips to follow

In order to enjoy sex throughout pregnancy, the following tips should be followed:

  • Ask your doctor, since the body of each woman is different. Thus, seeking the advice of your doctor on this matter is strongly recommended.
  • Did you know that having sex during pregnancy turns out to be an excellent muscular exercise? Moreover, it will help make labor easier and less painful.
  • According to experts, the best positions during pregnancy are those in which the woman is above, the spoon position (on her side) or the one in which she must put knees and hands on a surface.
  • Missionary sex positions or the one with the man above should be avoided, since the weight of the man could be harmful for woman and baby.
  • If there are annoyances during sex, using lubricant is advisable. If you start bleeding, visit your doctor at once.
  • Oral sex helps maintain the affective bond between the couple and passion, avoiding therefore routine.
  • Having a good predisposition is essential, since it is convenient to have an excellent communication throughout this period.
  • You can add pillows and cushions to increase your comfort and avoid annoyances. Don’t forget sexy pyjama and lingerie.
  • The clitoris and G-spot stand out more due to the increase in irrigation, which means that sexual response and orgasm will be favored.
  • It is common for pregnant women to endure a boost in sex drive due to the hormones produced.

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 Cristina Mestre Ferrer
Cristina Mestre Ferrer
B.Sc., M.Sc.
Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences, Genetics & Human Reproduction from the University of Valencia (UV). Master's Degree in Biotechnology of Human Assisted Reproduction from the UV and the Valencian Infertility Institute (IVI). Embryologist at IVI Barcelona. More information about Cristina Mestre Ferrer
Adapted into english by:
 Sandra Fernández
Sandra Fernández
B.A., M.A.
Fertility Counselor
Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpreting (English, Spanish, Catalan, German) from the University of Valencia (UV) and Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton Campus (Edinburgh, UK). Postgraduate Course in Legal Translation from the University of Valencia. Specialist in Medical Translation, with several years of experience in the field of Assisted Reproduction. More information about Sandra Fernández

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