Is Sexual Satisfaction Incompatible with Pregnancy?

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Last Update: 12/04/2015

Sexual excitement can be even better during pregnancy than before and after getting pregnant, due to an increased sex drive and the lack of concerns regarding the use of birth control methods in this period. All this together allows enjoying sex peacefully.

Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can either lead to sexual arousal or, conversely, a loss of libido. However, experts do still recommend having sex during the gestation period, since it turns out to be beneficial for the woman, who might feel loved and wanted. High-risk pregnancy is the only case in which engaging into sexual intercourse is not indicated.

Provided below is an index with the 3 points we are going to expand on in this article.

Benefits of sex

  • For her: irrigation into genitalia increases, which at the same time enhances the perception of pleasure and allows the woman to reach orgasm faster. By having sex, women also exercise and strengthen the muscle tissue of the vaginal wall, which turns out to be a good training for labor.
  • For him: men also experience a boost in their libido because pregnancy accentuates women's curves in general and usually makes women experience an increase in breast size.
  • For the baby: intercourse is also beneficial for the baby-to-be, given that blood supply to the uterus is greater throughout this period. Besides, movements during intercourse and orgasmic contractions are pleasant for the fetus.

Best sex positions

Most pleasing positions depend on each couple; however, some are more recommendable than others according to the stage of pregnancy in which the woman finds herself at the moment.

For example, the common missionary position, in which the man lowers himself on top of the woman, is recommended up until the end of the first trimester, since excessive pressure on blood vessels from that moment onwards may be detrimental for the baby-to-be.

As pregnancy progresses and the belly gets bigger, side sex positions are the most advisable, in particular left side positions, the man behind the woman. This prevents the woman from getting too tired and no pressure is put on the inferior vena cava.

Experts recommend various sexual practices other than coitus as well, like kisses, caresses, and masturbation.

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 Sarai Arrones
Sarai Arrones
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