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Criteria to diagnose teratozoospermia

Criteria to diagnose teratozoospermia

To determine if a man has teratozoospermia or not, the number of sperm with an abnormal morphology must be determined using a semen analysis or sperm test. The results of this test can be calculated using two different criteria:

Males with a percentage of normal sperm below 4% are considered teratozoospermic.
Males with a percentage of normal sperm below 15% are considered teratozoospermic.

As one can see, the Kruger's criteria are stricter than the ones published by the WHO. Thus, a man can be diagnosed with teratozoospermia if the Kruger's criteria is followed, whilst his sample would be considered normal according to the WHO's guidelines.

By (gynaecologist), (embryologist) and (fertility counselor).
Last Update: 11/26/2018