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Embryo transfer for in vitro fertilization

Embryo transfer for in vitro fertilization

Embryo transfer is the last step of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment and is a simple process. For this, the patient is placed in the gynecological position and the gynecologist introduces the cannula, previously loaded with the embryo, vaginally. With the help of an ultrasound, the cannula passes through the cervix and reaches the uterus to deposit the embryo.

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Last Update: 02/22/2022
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    1. Hi very one ? Today I’m on day 2 after embryo transfer. I have 3 quality eggs frozen now ? I’m very happy. Well, hopefully everything goes well for me and for you all. Well, I want to ask if anyone got pregnant with tubes snippet I got my right side snippet and left side clear with some fluids. Is that because there are any problems after my embryo transfer? And another question: like I said I’m on day 2 after embryo transfer but my period needs to come next Thursday, should I worry about that? Right now I feel a bit little cramps, not much tho but weird feeling, my breast hurts… It may be normal they said to me but I’m worrying more if my period will comes next week, it may be not good, I think? The doctor said to call the 16 December 2015 of course to check if I’m pregnant or not, hopefully and I pray for good results. Thanks very much good luck for everyone, God bless you all ??