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ZIFT procedure

ZIFT procedure

Zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) consists of the transfer of zygote stage embryos into the fallopian tubes of the woman. The process that is carried out to perform ZIFT is as follows:

  • Ovarian stimulation. To obtain a greater number of mature oocytes.
  • Follicular puncture. It consists of obtaining the oocytes by ultrasound-guided aspiration.
  • Semen capacitation and fertilization. The oocytes are fertilized in the laboratory with the semen sample (from the couple or from a donor).
  • Assessment of fertilization. The following day, approximately, it is assessed how many oocytes have been properly fertilized.
  • Transfer to the tubes. The selected zygotes are inserted directly into the woman's fallopian tubes by laparoscopy.

Because it requires surgery, ZIFT is currently rarely used in favor of uterine transfer, which is much less invasive.

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Last Update: 05/03/2022