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What is Acrosome?

What is Acrosome?

The acrosome is the term used for the area of the sperm head that occupies the first two thirds of the total volume.

The morphology of the acrosome consists of a vesicle derived from the Golgi complex, which is synthesized and assembled during the early stages of spermiogenesis, i.e., sperm formation.

The acrosome vesicle is delimited by two membranes which are called acrosome membranes. These membranes include different structural and non-structural components, proteins and enzymes of different types.

The acrosome contains proteolytic enzymes, whose function is to break down the pellucid zone of the egg in order to penetrate it. Therefore, this structure of the spermatozoon has an essential function during the fertilization process. The main enzyme of the acromosome is hyaluronidase, whose purpose is to progressively separate the cells of the cluster surrounding the egg by hydrolyzing the hyaluronic acid.

Imagen: espermatozoa-acrosome