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Steps to perform an IUI with donor sperm

Steps to perform an IUI with donor sperm

The process of intraunterine insemination with donor sperm is the same as for IUI partner sperm. The only difference between these reproductive techniques is the origin of the semen.

In the case of using donor sperm, the semen must be frozen for at least 6 months to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases, such as HIV.

The IUI procedre consists of the steps shown in the image:

Controlled ovarian stimulation
the woman will be administered a low dose of hormone to stimulate the development of 1-2 ovarian follicles, a sufficient quantity to carry out an insemination.
Semen Thawing
the semen sample is thawed and the number of spermatozoa is analyzed in the laboratory.
consists of introducing the sperm sample through the vagina with the help of a fine cannula. The seminal sample is deposited in the uterus while waiting for the meeting between the egg and the sperm, that is, fertilization.

Once the insemination is performed, the patient must wait at least 12-15 days to perform a pregnancy test and for the result to be reliable.

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Last Update: 10/10/2022