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Complications of donor IUI

Complications of donor IUI

Artificial insemination with a sperm donor is a simple and fairly inexpensive technique compared to other assisted reproduction treatments, which is a great advantage. However, this reproductive option can also present some complications, although it is not usual.

Here are some but rare complications of donor IUI:

  • Ovarian hyperstimulation, but it does not usually occur since low doses of hormonal medication are used.
  • Multiple pregnancy, although it only occurs in 12% of cases.
  • Appearance of antisperm antibodies.
  • Infections in the female reproductive system.

These are some of the possible complications, but the main drawback that most patients encounter with donor IUI is the need to give up the genetic load. This is something that many men are unable to accept or find difficult.

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Last Update: 10/10/2022