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Possible purposes for surplus IVF embryos

Possible purposes for surplus IVF embryos

When a couple or woman undergoes in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment, several embryos may be obtained. Normally, specialists recommend transferring between 1 and 2 embryos, although it can be transferred up to a maximum of 3 embryos. However, this is not usual due to the risk of multiple pregnancies.

The rest of the embryos that present good quality, the so-called surplus embryos, will be vitrified. At this time there are several destination options for the embryos:

  • Use the embryos in future transfers.
  • Giving the embryos to others who need them, i.e. embryo adoption.
  • Donate the embryos to research.
  • Cessation of the maintenance of the embryos, although this option is only possible when the woman has reached the end of her reproductive age.

In any case, it will be necessary for patients to sign informed consent about the chosen destination for their embryos.

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Last Update: 05/08/2020