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How to cope with female infertility issues

How to cope with female infertility issues

  1. Sofiawest

    HI, ladies! I am a woman from Las Vegas. I am 33 years old and I married 3 years ago. I am trying to conceive from the last 3 years but I am still not getting the results. I really want to change my life and want to get pregnant.

    I am going from forum to forum to figure out everything about infertility issues and why I am facing it. 15% women are facing the same issue I am facing. I have been reading the stories of many women and how they faced the issue. It is incredible many ladies made it and got pregnant.

    Is this really possible for me? I have been trying to get out of it by getting some clarity. Let me tell you that It really fucking bad. I am losing my emotions and I am losing everything because of that.

    What should I do?

    08/12/2017 at 10:58 am
  2. Dear Sofiawest,

    If you are trying to conceive with no luck, the most advisable for you to do now is to visit a fertility specialist so that they run some tests on you to see what is causing it. Your husband should do the same because, according to your explanation, you still don’t know what is preventing you from getting pregnant – it might be due to female infertility issues, male infertility issues, or both.

    Recommended for you: Female sterility: definition, causes, signs and treatment.

    I hope this helps,

    Best wishes!

    08/30/2017 at 8:35 am
  3. HI Sandra,

    Thank you for the support.

    I have been working on it. I have never visited a fertility expert. I will surely visit the nearest fertility expert. I am feeling like we both have infertility issues. Real cause is still unknown.

    09/21/2017 at 8:27 am
  4. Hi sofia! It is very heart breaking to know about your infertility issue. Let me tell you sofia that about 20% of the women are facing this issue and i am also one of them. It’s been years that I have been trying to get pregnant. The reason for my infertility issue is that I have a heart disease due to which I can not I have my own baby. It’s the worst feeling in the world that you cannot complete your family even if you have tried a lot and with dedication. After when i was not getting pregnant in the first 2 years, I went for a proper medical checkup. After that medical checkup I came to know that I am having a hard disease due to which I am facing Infertility issue. It was very difficult for me to cope with the situation at that time because it is a serious disease. I don’t know how much time will it take to get cured. That is why first of all I suggest that you should have a proper medical checkup to know the reason behind the infertility issue. I hope you will be perfectly alright. Then go for a proper treatment. I have visited a few gynecologists and I had different treatments. Nowadays, i am having a proper treatment from a gynecologist. I am trying my best to do something because life feels very empty and hard. But I have never lost my strength and believe. I will carry on the struggle. So I also suggest you that you boost up your moral and then you will be able to do something for yourself. I hope your partner understands your problem and is with you. He is your strength. Discuss things with him. Consult different gynecologists and then go for the proper treatment. I pray for for you that you get a bay soon because I know how hard is it to face such a problem. I hope you will find this reply helpful. Be strong and stay happy. things will change.

    09/26/2017 at 8:36 am
    • Why we are not like others..This is beautifully written and hits almost everything with perfect accurate. I have to say, after years of infertility myself and strugglings, there is one thing I’ll never disagree with. The shame is still there and it is subversively public. People still look at us like we’ve done something wrong. When you have someone tell you, “maybe you just aren’t meant to be a mother” what a woman hears is, “God isn’t going to let you be a mother because either you’ve done something wrong or because you’d suck at it.” Even if no one ever even posits the idea that the only thing you want to do in your life is just something you’re not meant to do, most women will at some point wonder if it was something they did to make God mad. ‘Cause if God has the power to give me what I want and He’s not then either I did something wrong or God hates me. Since I personally can’t accept the later. But all this lays a tremendous burden on fragile women desperate for their kids. We all should be very attentive with words said to the infertile. ‘Cause we perceive the world differently. I’d really love to hear some of the updates from women around here. This way seeking more inspiration from others. May god bless all of you, brave worriors.

      09/12/2018 at 12:53 pm
  5. Don’t lose your hope. Believe that you still have a chance to conceive. I know you are worried that you didn’t succeed yet. Try to visit a specialst. There are clinics that are specialized for infertility issues. There are many treatments nowdays. I am sure that there is one that can help you. Hope you will find it.

    10/08/2017 at 1:53 pm
    • ‘You’ve still got a plenty of time!’ and ‘It will happen!’ Those both made me cry each time though I knew people wanted to support me. I’ve never been open about my health issues, letting them be my personal struggle. Fertility boards were the safest for me. I could be understood by people sailing in the same boat with me and never be judged of my ‘deffects’. I’ve never seen kind ladies supporting me live, but I knew they were there for me any time I felt lost. I’m on the other side of the fence now, but do feel every nerve & pain troubleconceiving causes you.

      12/09/2019 at 9:04 am
  6. Hi friend, looks like you are in a real hurry to get pregnant. Well getting pregnant can be difficult for some couples and can be easy for some of them. Sometimes getting pregnant can deal with emotions, genes and also the situation in which the individuals are living. I know there must be a way to cope up with you TTC for 3 years, I will suggest you to visit your doctor and seek for her advice. She’s an expert and will definitely recommend you the best way. Some women faced the issue and opted for adoption in order to fulfill their vision of becoming a mother whereas some elected the other methods of gaining fertility like IVF, IUI or surrogacy. I think you are still not sure what problem you are going through. You should get a check-up of your ovaries and a proper analysis of your husband’s sperm count also. Keep calm and believe in fate, what’s planned for you is way better what you perceive it to be. One of my friend’s recently went through this issue, she underwent surrogacy and her baby is due next month. Life has again become meaningful again for her. If you can’t deal with emotions, consult a psychologist, she/he will definitely prescribe you some mind relaxation practices.

    01/24/2018 at 11:25 am
  7. Hello,

    I would say be positive and visit well known Infertility hospital. Where specialist doctors will guide you regarding infertility issues and how to deal with that. With the changing lifestyle infertility is increasing in couples, so to deal with that you need to do regular exercise, proper diet, good sleep. This will help to improve fertility in women.

    01/29/2018 at 11:56 am
  8. I don’t think this is the right place to get your answers. Sure, we can all tell our experience. However, only a specialist can diagnose any underlying causes of not being able to conceive. You will probably need to go through some medical tests. So will your husband. Once you can determine what the cause is, you can then decide to continue TTC with treatment, or opt for IVF. Don’t lose hope, because you have options.

    03/23/2018 at 6:20 pm
  9. Female infertility issues can be greatly eliminated with advanced IVF techniques. Consult with the best Gynaecologist and discuss your infertility causes.

    07/17/2018 at 1:51 pm
  10. Dont lose hope!!  Get yourself along to a specialist who recognises more challenging issues.  I was under a dr-professor at abroad fertility clinic who has been the most delightful, caring & patient woman.  Rest assured it will happen. Keep your exercise up, weight down (if needed) & your diet in tact.  Eat your protein first, veges second & if enough room carbs. I wish you well in your quest & hope that one day soon that you too will experience the joys & wonderous facets of pregnancy. 

    07/24/2018 at 12:57 pm
  11. If it has been three years then I think looking into assisted conceptions would be a good idea. IVF has worked out for a lot of people I would suggest that you look into it. I don’t think there is a need to get sad! I am sure things will get better. Technology has drastically improved so I am sure things will be okay. Just make sure for the process you visit someone who is professional. The clinic should have a high success rate. I am sating this from experience. My process so far is going well because of the clinic I am visiting. Good luck to you. Do keep us updated. Don’t be stressed! I know three years of struggle is a lot. However, there is still a lot more chance of you getting pregnant. Sending baby dust your way.

    10/27/2018 at 9:16 pm
  12. Hello,
    Don’t worry everything will be fine and be positive. IVF is one of the best solutions for an infertile couple to have a baby. IVF is the assisted reproductive technology where sperm and egg are fused together in the laboratory dish for fertilization. Once the embryo is formed is transferred into the uterus for further growth. For successful IVF it is important to visit the best fertility centre and IVF expert.

    01/14/2019 at 5:02 pm
  13. IVF is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology. The procedure can be done using your own eggs and your partner’s sperm. Or IVF may involve eggs, sperm or embryos from a known or anonymous donor. In some cases, a gestational carrier might be used. When choosing an IVF clinic, one should keep in mind that a clinic’s success rate depends on many factors. such as patients’ ages and medical issues. as well as the clinic’s treatment population and treatment approaches. One should ask for detailed information about the costs associated with each step of the procedure. Before beginning a cycle of IVF using your own eggs and sperm, a couple will likely need various screenings, including: Ovarian reserve testing. To determine the quantity and quality of your eggs, a doctor might test the concentration FSH, estrogen and antimullerian hormone in blood during the first few days of your menstrual cycle. Test results, often used together with an ultrasound of the ovaries, can help predict how ovaries will respond to fertility medication. Semen analysis. If not done as part of initial fertility evaluation, the doctor will conduct a semen analysis shortly before the start of an IVF treatment cycle. Infectious disease screening. A couple will both be screened for infectious diseases, including HIV. Practice (mock) embryo transfer. Doctor might conduct a mock embryo transfer to determine the depth of uterine cavity and the technique most likely to successfully place the embryos into uterus. Uterine cavity exam. Doctor will examine uterine cavity before the start IVF.
    If you’re using your own eggs during IVF, at the start of a cycle you’ll begin treatment with synthetic hormones to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple eggs – rather than the single egg that normally develops each month. Multiple eggs are needed because some eggs won’t fertilize or develop normally after fertilization.
    IVF may not be so easy though. IVF has many steps. it takes several months to complete the whole process. It sometimes works on the first try. but many people need more than 1 round of IVF to get pregnant. IVF definitely increases your chances of pregnancy if you’re having fertility problems. but there’s no guarantee — everyone’s body is different and IVF won’t work for everyone.
    Wishing you the best of luck ahead.

    01/17/2019 at 9:47 am
  14. Hi, ladies. Try these strategies to help manage emotional stress during treatment:
    Express yourself. Reach out to others rather than repressing guilt or anger. Stay in touch with loved ones. Talking to your partner, family and friends can be very beneficial. The best support often comes from loved ones and those closest to you. Reduce stress. Some studies have shown that couples experiencing psychological stress had poorer results with infertility treatment. Try to reduce stress in your life before trying to become pregnant. Exercise and eat a healthy diet. Keeping up a moderate exercise routine and a healthy diet can improve your outlook and keep you focused on living your life.
    Also you’ll face the possibility of psychological challenges no matter your results:
    Not achieving pregnancy, or having a miscarriage. The emotional stress of not being able to have a baby can be devastating even on the most loving and affectionate relationships. Success. Even if fertility treatment is successful, it’s common to experience stress and fear of failure during pregnancy. If you have a history of depression or anxiety disorder, you’re at increased risk of these problems recurring in the months after your child’s birth. Multiple births. A successful pregnancy that results in multiple births introduces medical complexities and the likelihood of significant emotional stress both during pregnancy and after delivery.
    Seek for professional help if you aren’t coping well.

    06/23/2019 at 12:09 pm
  15. I’m not sure how long this storm was meant to be in our lives. But I do know it won’t last forever! We’d been unsuccessful with FET rounds in Greece before coming to BTC. I’ve never expected this previous journey will leave us disheartened wrecks, with all the failures we faced and mcs we went through. I know each clinic’s approach is different. But I do believe it must help people to put their minds at ease and not surviving day by day when being passed from hands to hands among docs..We didn’t experience this support in Greece but were having it doubled in Kiev.

    07/24/2020 at 12:05 pm
  16. I know this thread is currently napping, but I am sure things will turn out to be good. Just stay positive and strong. I think the first thing you should do is take a digital test and see. Also, if things are still a little bit confusing I would suggest that you visit a doctor. Blood tests will really help with the situation. When you had the MC I am sure the doctor would have told you the reason so be aware of that. If you are still confused about your doctor to make sure to visit another one. There will be no issue if you will take a second opinion. I am speaking from my own experience. Things are going so well because of the doctor and the clinic I was visiting. The services they are provide are really professional. My case was a lot more complicated but they managed to help.
    Any updates??

    10/26/2020 at 5:55 pm
  17. My husband and I have been trying for 4 months. We are 34 years old. Should we already be worried about potential fertility issues?? I don’t know how long one should try for pregnancy. Need guidance please.

    Hugs to you all!!

    10/27/2020 at 9:44 am
    • Hello Shireen,

      first of all, we speak of infertility when a couple has been trying to get pregnant for a minimum of one year. While some couples seem to conceive straight away, about 75% will get pregnant within 6 months.

      So this means you’re still in that range and should not worry too much since it’s perfectly normal not to conceive at the first attempt.

      Many factors influence your ability to conceive such as stress, unhealthy lifestyle, health conditions, etc. So, meanwhile, you both should try to remain calm, live a healthy lifestyle as well as following a healthy and nutritive diet.

      Having said that, after 6 months more without any results, I suggest you and your husband visit a fertility doctor in your area for a check-up in order to determine any infertility issues.

      If you are interested in getting more information about infertility, I recommend you read this post: What does being infertile mean?

      Hope this helps,

      Wish you all the best.

      10/27/2020 at 5:19 pm