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Hormone levels before 1st IVF cycle

Hormone levels before 1st IVF cycle

  1. NiJo

    My husband and I are planning our very first IVF cycle in a clinic in Czech. We are thrilled BUT so nervous. What a stressful and rollercoaster ride this has been. I have done all my testing and they came back as follow. I just need the help of a fertility specialist to translate into human language. 🙂
    AMH: 5.35 ng/mL
    Prolactin: 29.3 (done on 3rd day of cycle)
    Progesterone: <0.1 ng/mL
    TSH: 2.660 uIU/mL
    LH: 5.6 mIU/mL
    FSH: 5.2 mIU/mL

    my pelvic exam came with these: done on 12 day of cycle
    Uterus L: 7.76 cm
    UT H:4.24 cm
    UT vol: 91.46 cm
    UT W: 5.32cm
    Endo: 0.61 cm
    Uterus boidy: 17.32 cm

    Right ovary
    Lgth: 3.32 cm
    Ht: 2.34cm
    W: 2.33 cm
    Vol: 9.48 cm3
    Left ovary:
    Lght: 3.38 cm
    Hth: 2.16cm
    W: 1.94cm
    Vol: 7.38cm3

    Right follicle: 3
    Length of all right follicles
    -0.50cm, 0.47cm & 0.50cm
    Left pretty ,much the same.
    **anteverted uterus WNL – multiple follicles – no FF visualized.
    My question is: Am I a good candidate for this cycle? I have three kiddos from a previous marriage and my hubby has low motility. All genetic testing came back negative.
    I’m anxiously waiting for this clinic to get back to me and I’m biting my nails!! Please help me. 🙂

    02/17/2017 at 9:41 pm
  2. Dear NiJo,

    Your hormonal levels are fine. Your levels of AMH are high, which means your ovarian reserve is better than excellent. In fact, it is so high that special attention should be paid if you undergo a fertility treatment, due to the risk of hyperstimulation. Your FSH is fine, too – levels under 6 indicate a very good prognosis.

    As for the remaining aspects, everything is fine as well. Prolactin is a little bit too high, but it is your physician’s choice to determine whether treatment is possible or if it might lead to complications in case of pregnancy. It it not too alarming, though.

    As for your uterine lining and ovarian size, my advice is that you have it checked by a duly qualified gynecologist, it is the only person that can give you an adequate prognosis.

    In conclusion, you wouldn’t need a fertility treatment if your husband, as you mentioned, didn’t have low sperm motility. In fact, if his sperm parameters were fine, you wouldn’t need fertility care at all – which means in principle you could achieve a pregnancy naturally.

    I hope this helps,

    Best wishes

    02/20/2017 at 2:13 pm