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Moving on to surrogacy or embryo adoption?

Moving on to surrogacy or embryo adoption?

  1. mariawright

    Hello there,
    For a number of reasons linked to infertility, my husband and I cannot have a baby ourselves in a natural manner. We live in Palo Alto CA and today we’ve visited our doctor. He says surrogacy is a very feasible option for us, and taking into account we live in California, it would be very appropriate. But our Christian spirit is telling us to adopt an embryo, to be pro-life. We see many differences between them and now we don’t know what to do. Any ideas? Recommendations? Please, help us.
    Thank you!

    06/27/2016 at 4:54 pm
  2. Hello Maria,

    Surrogacy and embryo donation & adoption are too different fertility treatments, each one of them suitable for different types of issues. Besides, in surrogacy, an agreement is made for embryos to be transferred into the gestational carrier’s uterus. The GC (gestational carrier) is a woman other than the intended mother and she carries the pregnancy for the benefit of the IPs.

    In embryo adoption, the intended mother herself carries the child or children, provided that the is able to carry a pregnancy. In cases where, for a number of reasons, the woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to term, then surrogacy will be the treatment of choice. What must be clear is that they are not the same, and the IPs cannot choose just because they find the former better or easier than the latter, for instance.

    I hope this helps,

    Best regards

    06/27/2016 at 4:59 pm
  3. Hey Maria, so sad to hear about your infertility. My sympathy is with you. Having your own baby is the biggest wish of every couple. It’s always better than adoption. An adoptive child can never be yours. I must say that you should follow your doctor’s advice. Surrogacy is always the preferable choice of an infertile couple. Most specialists recommend it as the most successful treatment. Many clinics around the world are offering surrogacy. Aspirants always prefer a clinic with its values, packages, success rates and surrogate mothers. So, you’d go for surrogacy instead of embryo donation. Thanks!

    03/24/2018 at 3:32 pm
  4. hi dear! hope you are doing well. I really feel sad when I read your story. I can completely understand what you feel. a child is such a blessing for a couple. i think you must go with your doctors advice. adopting an ambryo is different thing. he had already taken your all results. he can suggest you the best thing. of course, we are surviving in such an era where we cannot live an incomplete life. medical science has made such an easy life. you can do research on your own. and start your family through surrogacy. I am also a surrogate mother that’s why I am saying you this. good luck.

    03/24/2018 at 8:01 pm