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Ovum donation and pre-embryo adoption

Ovum donation and pre-embryo adoption

  1. <span  class="bbp-author-name">angelica smiles</span>
    angelica smiles

    If I am 48 years old and wish to become a single mother, which fertility treatment would be cheaper for me? Ovum donation? or I’d better use donated pre-embryos for them to be transferred to my womb? What I mean is that if I choose ovum donation, they will have to be fertilized with donor sperm later, but if I use donated pre-embryos they are already fertilized, so the process turns out to be shorter, doesn’t it? Please, help.

    04/21/2016 at 3:37 pm
  2. Dear angelica,

    If you choose double-donor IVF, in which case both donor eggs and donor sperm are used, the cost of the treatment will be higher than that of embryo adoption. Such fertility treatment involves more costs, since the price should cover the collection of gametes from both donors. Besides, costs derived from the fertilization per se, and embryo culture should be added as well. Thus, prices vary from country to country, but they are usually €6,000-8,000, while they range from $12,000 to even €42,000 in the USA.

    Conversely, if you choose embryo adoption, you are adopting the spare embryos of another couple’s IVF cycle when they have already achieved pregnancy. In such case, there are no expenses derived from gamete retrieval, fertilization, and culture, since that is already made at the donor couple or person’s expense. The cost of embryo donation is €2,000-3,000 approx.

    My advice is that you take a look at our Clinic Directory, or complete our Form to get detailed estimates from different fertility clinics according to your own personal situation, preferences, age, etc.

    Best wishes

    04/25/2016 at 4:37 pm