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Ways to pass on hemophilia from parent to child

Ways to pass on hemophilia from parent to child

This image shows 3 schemes of the inheritance pattern of hemophilia depending on the condition of the parents.

Since it is an X-linked recessive inheritance disease, it is mainly men who suffer from hemophilia, while women are usually healthy carriers.

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Last Update: 01/17/2020
    1. I’m 12 weeks pregnant and I just found out that my mother is a hemophiliac and I might be, too… I’m really worried about this. I want to know what tests I should take to make sure my son is okay. Thank you very much.

      • First of all, you should make sure you are a carrier of hemophilia. For that, you’d have to take a blood test.

        If you are a carrier, you will have to have a chorionic biopsy or an amniocentesis to make a prenatal diagnosis of your baby and find out if he or she may be affected by hemophilia.

        In any case, your doctor will advise you on how to proceed in this matter.

        Wish you all the best